COVID-19 – Parish Flyer operating as mobile shop

Parish Flyer operating as a mobile shop

Albrighton Parish Flyer is operating as a mobile shop for the people of Albrighton during the Covid-19 pandemic.



Please Call 07543 869754 To Use This Service

When this pandemic started, we realised we needed to do something urgently to help elderly people and other vulnerable families in the village who were quickly advised not to leave home for 12 weeks. The Albrighton Parish Council agreed that we could change the Albrighton Flyer (our community transport minibus) into a mobile shop, to help supply, elderly, vulnerable and disadvantaged families with food and other supplies. We have been operating now for 5 weeks , and demand grows daily.

In addition to supplying food we are also delivering foodbank parcels, at the request of the “St Mary’s church Albrighton foodbank”. We also deliver meat fand assist the pharmacy with delivering medications.

The Flyer driver is well known and trusted in the village, which has added to the success of the scheme. In addition a further volunteer, well known, has been added to the council insurance policy to allow a relief diver for the weekends. Various well known members of the community volunteer each week to accompany the driver(s)  including the vicar and trustees from the Red House.

Every few days we restock the “shop” ( mostly using the cash and carry or wholesale fruit and vegetable markets)and each day add fresh milk, bread, fruit and vegetables. We  have also been able to supply Calpol, Paracetamol and sanitiser as well as baby milk. nappies etc to help disadvantaged families . Whilst a few people can afford to make a donation, much  of the food and other supplies are given free of charge

We are socially responsible, fully understand the social distancing requirements, wear masks and gloves and have a new supply of plastic bags, we do not reuse bags at this time. We ensure a minimum distance of 2 metres is maintained at all times.

In addition residents who need  particular items can telephone the flyer number and they are visited the same day. We visit  the sheltered housing and OAP complexes daily. The van operates  6 days a week and sometimes 7.

This scheme is run by the manager and trustees of the Red House in conjunction with the Melville club (the OAP’s luncheon club) and, St Mary’s church, with of course the loan of the minibus from the Albrighton parish council

Please Call 07543 869754 To Use This Service